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The joy of this recipe is in the name: no bake oat cookies. They are a great introduction to ‘baking’ for little ones! (Not to mention they are unbelievably moorish to big and little alike!) We love to use Stringer’s organic porridge oats, adding texture and a bit of goodness and this Vanora’s peanut butter is exactly what it says on the jar, pure peanuts! Try this recipe today and keep those little hands busy.


Add the first six ingredients to a large saucepan, bring to a rolling boil and let boil for one minute exactly. Turn off and remove from heat, immediately add peanut butter and gently stir until all melted. Add vanilla. Then stir in all the oats at once until covered.

Drop onto parchment paper in tablespoons to set. Allow an hour to cool and then enjoy!

All ingredients used in this recipe are available to purchase from the Fodder farm shop

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