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Irresistible Pumpkin Cake with tangy Orange Cream Cheese Frosting – your new favourite seasonal dessert!


Preheat the oven to 160°C (fan). Grease and line a 20cm baking tray.

Whisk together the eggs, oil, and sugar in a large mixing bowl. Stir in the grated pumpkin, raisins and nuts. Sift over the flour, bicarbonate of soda and spices along with a pinch of salt. Gently fold into the wet mix, then pour into the prepared baking tray.

Bake for 40-45 minutes or until it feels springy and firm. Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the tin for 15 minutes. Then remove from tin and leave to cool on a cooling rack.

For the icing, beat the butter until pale and smooth. Gradually add the icing sugar until you have a pale and thick buttercream. Beat in the vanilla, orange juice and ¾ of the zest, then stir in the cream cheese with a spoon. Spread over the cooled cake and sprinkle over the remaining orange zest and some more chopped nuts. Cut into squares and serve.

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