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This spiced red cabbage is a Yorkshire Christmas table favourite! We love it best with our local red cabbage and crunchy British cooking apples. The recipe serves ten generously but can be easily halved if you have a smaller gathering, and is great to make ahead, leaving you more time to relax on the day!


Discard tough outer leaves and rinse cabbage. Cut into quarters and remove the hard stalk.

Then finely shred with a very sharp knife.

In a large, lidded casserole dish you’ll layer all ingredients starting with the shredded cabbage, season with salt and pepper then add a layer of chopped onions and apples. Sprinkle the garlic, spices and sugar then repeat the cabbage, apples and onions. Drizzle the vinegar on top and then add dots of butter evenly.

Fit the lid on top and cook low and slow, 150c for 2 -2 1/2 hours, lifting no more than twice to stir (we know it will smell good so will be tempting!!)

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