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Think supermarkets are cheaper? Think again!

The perception of independents, farm shops and food halls is often to be expensive, pricey and with limited choice. However, we are on a mission to change all that! We want to show you that honest value doesn’t come with the sparkly marketing of “Price Matches, Roll Backs and Special Offers.” Here at Fodder, it’s all about good old fashioned, Yorkshire value and service. Our butchers have been doing a bit of price comparison and the figures speak for themselves. Best quality meat and all at a great price!

As always, 100% of our meat is from Yorkshire Farms. Our Head Butcher, Ben has a close working relationship with all the farmers, regularly visiting them on their farms.

*Price Checked 8/8/2019.  Price per kg.

We’re on a first name basis with all of our suppliers at Fodder, this mutually beneficial relationship is based on trust and respect and we think it ensures we get the best from our producers and in turn you get the best from us.
James Marks, Butcher.

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