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Sourdough from the heart of York

A couple of months ago, we were very excited to find a new supplier, Vanora’s, who supply us with fresh sourdough bread as well as a wonderful selection of artisan breads.

Vanora, (Who we think has one of the most fabulous names!) learned to bake from her mother and kept herself a home baker most of her life… Until a few years ago when she ventured into commercial baking, as her husband and her decided to open a restaurant in Harrogate, the much loved Farm Bistro.

In 2017 a change in personal circumstances meant they decided to sell the restaurant and re-evaluate things. After a short break, Vanora and Andrew set about their new venture, spending the next few months converting part of their family home into an artisan bakery in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire. Their ethos was to make the highest quality products in small batches, using the finest ingredients. Crafting everything by hand.

Fodder became one of the first stockists and quite quickly the sourdough became our standout star. Sourdough, which is considered the oldest and most original style of leavened bread (popularized in the European Middle Ages) has received a much overdue resurgence in recent years. Partly due to how delicious it is, but we think a part of it is due to it’s traditional methods and simple ingredient list: Flour, water, salt. That’s it! In a time where many people can’t pronounce, let alone identify the ingredient list on their brightly packaged supermarket loaves, sourdough is a refreshingly simple method. It does however require a great deal of skill, patience and time, the secret ingredient that transforms those three simple ingredients into something so spectacular.

Using a long, slow fermentation process, gives it that distinctive tang, as well as developing a prebiotic helping to support gut microbiome. Many people even find it easier digest than regular shop bought bread! Even better news, on day one it is great… but by day two, three or four it makes the best toast, slathered in good, local salted butter. Or why not try it with some of our Yorkshire raclette cheese for the best toasted cheese sandwich you’ve ever had?


Meaning you really have no reason to waste it!

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