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These fluffy American-style buttermilk pancakes are the stuff dreams are made of! Just the right bouncy texture with a distinctive tanginess from Yorkshire buttermilk, the golden disks will become a staple at every weekend brunch. Perfect with melted butter, freshly whipped cream and berries or traditional maple syrup. Try serving them up with salty rashers of streaky bacon on the side.

If you’re looking for the traditional pancake, resembling a French crepe, try our recipe here


In a non stick or heavy bottomed frying pan melt the butter. Pour out of the pan and set aside to cool slightly.

In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients.

In another bowl or jug mix the wet ingredients, taking care with the melted butter that it isn’t too hot to curdle the buttermilk and egg.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients all at once and mix with a wooden spoon until only just combined, do not over mix.

Leave to rest for minimum 15 minutes.

Then heat the pan to medium/high heat. Add another small amount of butter/oil just to coat the bottom.

You know the pan is hot enough when sprinkles of water jump up in the pan.

With a small ladle (or a large ice cream scoop which is the perfect size) pour drops of batter into the pan a couple of inches apart. They’ll need about 90 seconds on the first side. You’ll know they’re ready to flip when the top starts to bubble slightly and the surface looks matt. Carefully peak underneath and if it’s golden brown give it a flip.

You’ll need to wipe the pan with a little butter or oil in between batches.

Continue until all the batter is used.

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