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Now that you’ve ordered the best turkey in Yorkshire, (or possibly the world) what do you do next? We advise cooking it perfectly, Herb Fed tell us upside down is fantastic as your turkey will self baste, try using this recipe by the experts themselves.


Set the oven to 180oC/ 170oC (fan)/ Gas Mark 4.

Start the bird in the oven breast side down and about halfway through the suggested cooking time turn the bird over on to its back to brown the breast.

The bird is cooked when the juices from deep in the thigh run clear when skewered. If the juices are pink, return to the oven and check at 10 minute intervals.

After cooking allow the turkey to rest uncovered for at least 30 minutes before carving.

Suggested cooking times – should be used as a guideline only

4kg/ 8.8lbs – 1hr 50
5kg/ 11lbs – 2hrs 10
6kg/ 13.2lbs – 2hrs 30
7kg/15.4lbs – 2hrs 50
8kg/ 17.6lbs – 3hrs 10
9-11kg/ 19.8lbs – 24.2lbs – 3hrs 15

Aga Oven
For a 2-door Aga, follow the cooking times using the top roasting oven only.

For a 4-door Aga, follow the cooking times using the top roasting oven for the first 30 minutes & then move to the baking oven for the remainder of the cooking.

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