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Also known as bitter oranges, Spanish seville oranges are perfect for making this marmalade recipe as the pectin-rich pith and pips provide ideal setting power. Let the orange aromas fill your kitchen and once ready serve on a slice of toast.


Wash the oranges and lemons, quarter and slice thinly across, catching all the juice, discard the pips and hard ends of the quarters.

Put the sliced fruit into a large bowl with the water, cover and leave for 24 hours, then put into the preserving pan and simmer slowly until reduced to half and the peel is softened. This may take 2-2 1/2 hours.

If this is your first time making the marmalade, a chalk mark on the outside of the pan helps you to judge the level of reduction.

Add the warmed sugar, stir to dissolve, then boil rapidly for 10 minutes and begin to test for setting.

When setting point has been reached, skim at once, cool for about 15 minutes, stir round gently and pour into heated jars. Cover and seal as usual.

Guidelines for making marmalade:

Wash fruit well, using a stiff brush.

Cut up the fruit, put pips and discarded pith into a muslin bag

Soak pulp, juice, sliced peel and muslin bag in the water in a bowl

Prepare the preserving pan with butter or glycerin

Turn contents of bowl into the pan and tie muslin bag to handle of the spoon so that it hangs into the pan.

Simmer gently for 1 ½ to 2 hours to soften the peel

Warm sugar and jars

Stir sugar into pan, dissolve thoroughly and bring to a fast boil. Test for set after 10 minutes

Fill jars to within 5mm (1/4 in) of brim

Cover, seal, label and store

The tools for the job – much the same as for jam but be sure the knife is really sharp as Seville oranges are tough skinned. The muslin over the bowl is for pips and pith and is tied into a bag and hung to the spoon to add extra pectin to the mixture.

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