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Yorkshire Pumpkins

For the second year running we are proud to stock pumpkins from Yorkshire Pumpkins at Cundall, grown and picked by the lovely Barker family! They grow a fantastic selection of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. A whole mix of varieties such as Mars, Goosebump, Snowball, Crunchkin and the Instagram worthy Crown Prince and Snowball, grey and white varieties (although the Crown Prince is especially good for eating!). All their produce is lovingly grown and picked by hand on the family farm which overlooks the river Swale. Their farm is open to the public in half term so be sure to pop in to see their selection of pumpkins, squashes and gourds.

Remember though, pumpkins are not just for carving, once you’ve created your spooky creation, keep all the flesh to make some tasty pumpkin recipes for a tasty treat on an autumn evening. Pumpkin pie, stew or soup, there are loads to try we’ve made this recipe and think it’s definitely worth a try!

Once Halloween is over…
And once you’ve finished with your pumpkin you can give it to the animals,  there are plenty of animals that like to eat the pumpkins so rather than throw them away why don’t you feed them to the wildlife in your garden. Squirrels, foxes, badgers and birds all like pumpkin so what about chopping up some pumpkin and placing outside in dishes for wild animals to eat if they choose. Just make sure you check the inside flesh of the pumpkin. If it’s mushy and mouldy inside or scorched and burned then it may not be suitable for animals to eat. You could still recycle it as compost though!

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